The enjoyment of wine, the discovery of its wonderful aromas, its history and the care placed in producing a fine wine are ancient living arts of modern humankind. The Wine Aroma Kit ™ revives and fine-tunes our sense of smell, and makes the enjoyment of wine so much more meaningful. We wish you many hours enjoying good conversation, great food and excellent wine in the company of family & friends.

Nosing Panel:
Cathy Brewer Cape Wine Master
Dick Davidson Cape Wine Master
Colin Frith
Tony Mossop Cape Wine Master
Allan Mullins Cape Wine Master
Christine Rudman Cape Wine Master
Clive Torr Cape Wine Master
Philip van Zyl
Irma von Holdt Cape Wine Master

Acknowledgements: To Stuart and Lucie who, in one of the most desolate of places in Africa, introduced us to wine aromas and their importance in the appreciation of wine. To André and Devré, who above all of the friends with whom we shared our dream, grabbed it and made it a reality. To Jonathan and Christine who guided us in so many more ways than we expected.

Corné Lourens